If you do any nutrition education – then you need nero – Nutrition Education Resources Online.

Nero is simple to use and designed to enhance the engagement between professional and client. Simply log in (www.nero4me.com.au) for free and register as a professional or client to take advantage of all the resources nero has to offer: such as beautiful and clear educational videos, auto generated assessment reports and other tools to take your practice to another level and get results for your clients.

Let me demonstrate how you can use nero in your practice:

The client contacts you to make an appointment. A link is sent to your client’s mobile phone enabling them to download the nero app. They can register online using the app or via the website.

To register, your client can complete a simple questionnaire that starts the education process using beautiful nutrition education videos which are great for the visual learner. Once completed, they get an auto generated report which can be used at the initial consultation with you. Research shows that starting the education prior to the consultation (flipped classroom) results in the more effective education in shorter consultation times.

You can then send your client more nutrition education videos as required during your health journey with them.

At discharge, you can ask your client to complete a final questionnaire and use that information from the initial and final questionnaire in an auto generated report which clearly and graphically demonstrates the effectiveness of your nutrition intervention. This information can be compiled at the press of a button and can be sent to other members of the health care team such as the referring doctor.

Nero has other great features such as special and nutritious recipes with shopping lists, portion plates, meal replacements and supplements and many other tools that you can send to your clients to support their health journey.

Using nero, your clients can monitor their progress (weight, waist measurements and blood results), select suitable and healthy recipes from the list and use any of the tools you have recommended for them. Studies have shown that clients that are empowered to monitor their health progress are more likely to comply to your nutritional recommendations.

You can also keep your clients motivated by sending them supportive messages regularly between consultations. These messages can be scheduled as often or as desired.

In summary: Nero supports you to work more effectively and efficiently using video education and flipped classroom education where the clients start their education using videos prior to their consultation with you. You can use nero to communicate more effectively with your client. You can use nero to communicate with other members of the health team using the information from the assessment tool and auto generated report. You can use nero to give your clients access to great recipes with shopping lists and other tools to support their health journey.

My name is Maya McColm and I am an accredited Dietitian Nutritionist with more than 30 years professional experience. I have developed and used nero in my practice resulting in significantly shorter consultations and greater client satisfaction. Log into nero (www.nero4me.com.au) for free to take advantage of the tools nero has to offer to get optimal results for your client and to take your practice to the next level.

Nero helps you save time and money while getting better outcomes for your clients – and it is FREE! Download nero today!

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